Welcome to my EMPRESSLYFE Blog

Follow me as I share my healing journey as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, & international fashion model.

You must balance work and rest! No one has ever gotten an award for the most over worked / stressed out person!”

-Empress Yana

Your natural feelings and instincts are here to help guide and protect you!

Are you listening?

Greetings everyone. Thank you so much for taking time out to read my blog today! I am so ready to share my journey of healing from my childhood trauma. I am so focused on healing and becoming a better person every day!

As a mother and wife, I constantly give and nurture all day! However, I have learned that I cannot give from an empty cup! So each morning before my family rises, I make sure I make time for meditation, yoga, journal writing, eating breakfast solo, dancing, and whatever else I need to do to feel better. One thing I will NOT do anymore is hold in my emotions and put everyone else’s needs before mine. My family depends on me. I must show up for myself before I show up for others. This way of waking up each day has really helped decrease my anxiety and panic attacks. I hope you try a new way of living to help better your life! Mental health matters! Making time for yourself matters!

How do you cope with your anxiety/ panic attacks? Share your story here. I look forward to interacting with you all!

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