How is your Kwanzaa going so far?

Habari Gani?


How is your Kwanzaa holiday going so far?

Today is 12/28/22.

Day 3 of Kwanzaa.


What do you have planned for Day 3 -Ujima?

Kwanzaa reminds me to focus on the present. It helps keep my family and I focused on your family and community goals.

Each day, a different principle is discussed, and each day a candle is lit on the kinara (candleholder). On the first night, the center black candle is lit, and the principle of Umoja unity is discussed. The second day is celebrated the same way until you reach the last day! New Years Eve!

On the final day of Kwanzaa, families enjoy an African feast called Karamu. This is when families can bring their last gifts, food, music, positive vibes and celebrate the new year together as a family! Umoja!

Yes! Play the drums loud and proud!

I woke my family up, playing the drums loud and proud. My son ran downstairs so excited and began playing the drums. It’s something ancient that just connects me when I play the drums. Watching my kids play is a joy!

My Kwanzaa table 2022

I finally have all my items for my table! I know my ancestors are proud that we took the time out to honor them for seven days!

My Kwanzaa color earring and natural hair!

I enjoy wearing my African colors during Kwanzaa. I have also noticed the self-esteem it builds in the youth. They become so proud to wear African prints and say Habari Gani?

How to celebrate Kwanzaa 2022

Here is a guide to help you if you need ideas. You can also send me questions and pictures to:

We are planning to post all pics as a reel as the days continue.

Yes, we give gifts with intention each day of Kwanzaa!

Just think about the lower levels of stress when shopping for the holidays now. Yes, we still gave away gifts on Christmas. However, we are spending more time now after Christmas with our families to listen and see what they need. Instead of going out blindly buying things that your family/friends may never use.

Kwanzaa teaches patience and selection when opening and waiting each day for gifts.

It also opens the conversation with our family members for planning and shopping within a budget. Especially taking advantage of those after sales.

Well enough about me. Share what you are doing. This is an interactive blog. Feel free to share your thoughts, pictures, questions about Kwanzaa here.

What activity are planning with your family for today? Day 3 Ujima?



Empress Yana

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