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Everyone has them!

Everyone experiences feelings in various ways!

They come and they go!

Don’t cry!

Toughen up!

I better not see a tear drop! My aunty said with her hands on her hips.

Many of us were taught to hold in our feelings especially the feelings that make you cry!

Feel the feelings, sis!

Maybe holding in your feelings to only become a volcano later worked for her when she was growing up, however it is 2023 and I am ready to feel my feelings!

Feelings come and go!

Think of feelings like a bridge!

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Life will have many bridges! Some might be longer than others. You may even burn a few bridges when necessary! …….lol…..smh.

You must go through each bridge like you go through your feelings.

Photo by Luke Miller on Pexels.com

Feelings are your super power! Don’t let other deflect their negative experiences off on you. Feel the feelings! Feelings are temporary! Are you always:

No! These feelings come and go. It is ok to feel! I hope in 2023 you experience more of your feelings. The more you are aware of your emotions, the more clear you become when setting boundaries with others.

So, yes sis! It is ok!

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

You don’t always have to be strong!

Let the tears fall!

Take an extra nap!

Go on that trip!

Take the bubble bath!

Create more time for yourself!

At least when you look back, you can say! I crossed that bridge and feel confident to do it again. If life brings that bridge back around!

Photo by hilal on Pexels.com

The more bridges you cross the more confident you will become! Feel the feelings, Sis! They are only temporary! Your feelings matter!

EMPRESSLYFE is a safe space to come and relax.

EMPRESSLYFE is self care!

2023 will be all about healing the traumas of the past! Self care is the first step in healing. Take some time and visit our self care boutique for your self care needs!

Thank you for taking time out today to read and vibe with me!

Peace & Bliss

XO-Empress Yana


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