Learning to be PRESENT!

I love to feel the seasons change.

The sky form colors.

The wind picks up speed.

My locs blowing in the wind.

Meditation is my medication.


I’m all about keeping my boundaries and healing.

Can’t redo what happened in the past.

Can’t over worry about the future.

I am currently busy being PRESENT!

Freedom to me is being PRESENT in the moment!

Happy March 2023!

Happy National Woman’s HERStory Month! Yes! It is time to shine the light on the women of the world! I really enjoy the month of March because I am able to share some valuable, heart warming, lesson teaching stories with you this month.

One thing that will help keep you moving towards success is being consistent with YOURSELF!

-Empress Yana

Are you showing up to the yoga mat most days? Well, you have to start somewhere! If you are keeping that commitment to yourself, good for you! You are almost there! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Go with the flow! Ease into it. Did you know it takes 21 days to break a habit mentally? (Hmmmm…another post topic…stay tuned.)

Starting my day with yoga and meditation helps me in so many ways. The meditation keeps me focused and grounded as I start my day. The yoga helps my body feels stretched and ready for the day.

No more jumping out of bed to an alarm clock. Let’s start to eliminate NOT eating before you leave the house. Time out on rushing through your morning routine. You are worthy of some valuable quiet time when you first wake up!

Early morning hours is prime time for ME TIME!

What is your morning routine?

How do you prepare yourself in the mornings? Do you prepare your outfit in the morning or night before? Do you sip tea alone? Write in your journal? Watch the sunrise in your hammock? Meditate? Dance? Cry? Yoga?

Let’s start creating your morning routing together! This will be fun, creative, and heart felt!

Think about how you want to plan your morning routine.

What time will you rise?

Will you light candles?

Burn Incense?

Play music?

This time will be all about you!

You have a lot to think about! Start gathering your ideas!

Let’s interact and engage with each other about this topic.

I am in love with the show Sistas BTW! …lol

Wow! My day has started already! I must now prepare for a photo shoot. I have so much to share! Thank you for your time today!

I will be right back to discuss establishing a morning routine! Stay tuned! SUBSCRIBE! Share this blog with someone!


2 responses to “Learning to be PRESENT!”

  1. This is a great window into your philosophy on care and growth. I see you are motivating these days…. It looks good on you.


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