Positive News Matters!

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Ok! It is December 2nd, 2022 already chile! 2023 is right around the corner! Anyone celebrating Kwanzaa this year? I understand everyone celebrates Christmas, however the Kwanzaa holiday last for seven days! How about celebrating both!? Mix it up this year! Give your holiday spending & stress levels a break this year.

Are you tired of all the negtivity? Geezshh! So am I! I am overwhelmed with all the:

-negative news

-bully political ads on the TV, radio, & internet!

-over-sexualized music lyrics & videos

-negative images in magazines

-negative fights promoted on social media

-negative reality shows only focusing on fighting, gossiping, etc

Well! Well! Well! You have come to the right place! I have started this “Positive News” tab/page to inform you of all the positive news, events, etc that also happens in this world.

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If you are thinking about celebrating both holidays, I am so proud of you for breaking the generational curse. This is the only holiday that celebrates African Americans for 7 days. However, by celebrating both holidays you will be able to take advantage of:

-the after Christmas sales and spread your spending over 8 days instead of 1.

-instill lifelong virtues that create feelings of positive self esteem, generate a better sense of community, and creates time for everyone to learn more about your family history.

-celebrating the home and elders with gifts and intentional time spent.

-create next year goals for 2023 and agree to keep these goals through out the year.

-on the last day (New Year’s Eve) the family gathers to bring pot luck food & gifts to share ands celebrate the new years with family

Are you ready now? I hope so?

Ever heard of the Chef Tonya Hopkins?

Yes! She is amazing in the kitchen and she is planning to share with you her favorite meals per each Kwanzaa principle day. She will host “The Kwanzaa Menu” on The Food Network! It will air on the first day of Kwanzaa, December 26th. For more details, check out this great article on GoodBlackNews.com

How do we celebrate everyone’s holiday except Kwanzaa? Help me make sense of this please!

-Empress Yana
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I hope a dose of this positive news helped you throughout the day! I will post more soon. Stay tuned! See you next time!…………-EmpressYana