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  • Pollen & Atlanta = Allergy Town

    Are your eyes red? Is your head throbbing? Do you see all this yellow powder stuff all over your car? In your house? On the ground? Welcome to Atlanta! Yes, the pollen here is REAL! It seems like I’ve developed allergies after living here for so long! Indeed, the pollen here will make you wake…

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  • How is your Kwanzaa going so far?

    Habari Gani? Ujima! How is your Kwanzaa holiday going so far? Today is 12/28/22. Day 3 of Kwanzaa. Ujima! Kwanzaa reminds me to focus on the present. It helps keep my family and I focused on your family and community goals. Each day, a different principle is discussed, and each day a candle is lit on…

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  • How do I celebrate Kwanzaa?

    Celebrating a seven day long holiday has been so much fun for my family and I! We started celebrating Kwanzaa about 7 years ago. I can honestly say Kwanzaa should be a paid holiday off to pay homage to our ancestors and to create space for more unity within our communities. Kwanzaa celebrates all African…

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  • Welcome to my EMPRESSLYFE Blog

    Welcome to my EMPRESSLYFE Blog

    Follow me as I share my healing journey as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, & international fashion model. You must balance work and rest! No one has ever gotten an award for the most over worked / stressed out person!” -Empress Yana Your natural feelings and instincts are here to help guide and protect you! Are…

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