Preparing for Kwanzaa 2022

Are you celebrating Christmas & Kwanzaa this year?

What’s up family? How has the holiday’s going for you? Are you celebrating both holiday’s this year? We are! And I am so excited for 2022 to end and 2023 to begin.

Huge shout out to everyone who sent me an email at ( asking me how to celebrate Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa is an holiday the lasts for 7 days. Kwanzaa starts on Dec 26th to Jan 1st. It is the only holiday that celebrates African American ancestry and creates space for more unity!
In my opinion, Kwanzaa holiday should be a paid off holiday along with the Juneteeth. However, many African Americans have forget about this holiday!

We prepare for Kwanzaa by everyone making their very own first making the Mkeka Mat! This activity really gets the family in the Kwanzaa feeling/spirit.

What does mkeka symbolize?

Mkeka: Place Mat – Just as the crops stand on the mkeka, the present day stands on the past. The mkeka symbolizes the historical and traditional foundation for people to stand on and build their lives.

What is this entire Kwanzaa holiday about? I found this video and I do not own any rights to this video. I am just sharing it to help you better understand.


Do you better understand this holiday? Ok. So, start with each family member making the Mkeka mat. You will now use your new Mkeka mat to eat on for each of the seven days.

I will be back soon with more ways to celebrate Kwanzaa.

Photo by Askar Abayev on

Eventually your center table should look like this.

You should begin to gather your:


-Ears of corn to represent each child under 21

-Large Mkeka mat (For under the Kinara candle holder)

-Unity cup

Also, Kwanzaa comes with its very own language. Swahili African language. Each day teaches you and your family a new virtue. Review and write these 7 principles in you calendar for each day starting with December 26th- Jan1st 2023.

Research your local area for local Kwanzaa events!

Ok my beautiful souls, that is all I have for today! I will be back with more updates about Kwanzaa. Until then, protect your space and remember that self care comes first!!!!

Empress Yana 12/18/23

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